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Will Cristiano Ronaldo's Madrid departure hasten the end of the 'Greatest' era?

John Brewin wonders whether - finally - the era defined by Messi and Ronaldo one-upmanship is drawing to a close.

6 hours ago
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West Ham will be the Premier League's most interesting club this year

West Ham have been aggressive in the summer transfer-market, making a succession of strong signings. Life is never simple in…

1 day ago
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Dawdling Tottenham spend another summer risking their progress

Again, Tottenham are inviting trouble by moving painfully slowly through the summer transfer market.

2 days ago
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How Takashi Inui conquered Spain and then the world

Euan McTear charts the rise of Takashi Inui, from Japan to Germany, to Eibar and - ahead of next season…

3 days ago
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Antonio Conte departs leaving lessons for Chelsea to learn

Antonio Conte has now left Chelsea, but the nature of his protracted departure should still inform the club's future.

4 days ago
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Xherdan Shaqiri and Liverpool will have to dance to the other's tune

Xherdan Shaqiri is poised to join Liverpool; a logical transfer but still one which poses interesting questions for the player…

4 days ago
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Johnny Rep: The Seventies rock star in Adidas boots

Stephen Tudor remembers Johnny Rep, one of the enduring icon's of Dutch football's golden age.

4 days ago
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Underdogs to unemployed: Remembering Canada's last appearance at the World Cup

Matthew Crisit revisits Canada's last appearance at the World Cup - and what followed for players disenfranchised by their failing…

5 days ago



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