Tottenham vs Arsenal: North London Derby profiles

Game Profiles
February 9, 2018

Tomorrow brings the final North London derby of the season and the first league game between Tottenham and Arsenal to take place at Wembley. Ahead of that, Tifo Football has put together a collection of video content relevant to the fixture, drawn from our season’s output on the YouTube channel.

First, Mauricio Pochettino. Tottenham may not enjoy supremacy in north London yet, but there’s no argument that the landscape has changed significantly since Pochettino arrived. Here, we chart his roots as a manager.

Arsenal’s shift to a back-three last season was notable on account of Arsene Wenger’s famed rigidity; it was a departure which took almost a decade to arrive.

Here, we discuss how the system is intended to work.

Tottenham’s hopes rest on the shoulders of Harry Kane, of course, who tends to produce in this fixture. As important as Kane continues to be, though, Son Heung Min has enjoyed an excellent season and is arguably playing the football of his career.

His importance to Spurs is explored below.

The recent transfer-window saw Henrikh Mkitaryan move to Arsenal as part of the deal which took Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United. On the evidence of his performance against Everton, Wenger might have got the better half of that transfer, too, as Mkhitaryan looks the ideal stylistic fit for Arsenal.

And Tony Adams, who remains inextricably linked with this game. Adams was – and remains – a curious person with that slightly off-beat way of talking, but he was a towering centre-half who butteressed Arsenal as they grew into their dominance of North London.

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