Chapter Two | Derry City | The team that left

Words By: Benjamin Roberts Produced By: Philippe Fenner
November 15, 2017

The open sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland, known as The Troubles, roared into being in the late 1960s.

Football did not escape. One of the clubs most drastically affected by this low level warfare was Derry City FC, a club founded in 1928 and based near the predominantly Irish nationalist Bogside area on the left bank of the Foyle river, in the city known either as Derry, or Londonderry, depending on which side of the sectarian divide find yourself in.

Having won the Irish League title in 1965, by 1969 Derry City’s footballing future was in doubt. Rioting around their ground, the Brandywell, meant teams became sceptical about visiting and a number of their home games were postponed.

Following years of rioting, violence and disruption, the security services and the Irish League were now adament that Derry City could no longer play their home games in the Bogside, and promptly advised the club they were to play at an alternative location.

From Derry City’s formation, their existence throughout the troubles, to their eventual dissolving and reinstating into the League of Ireland, we chart the history of one of Ireland’s most famous club.

Derry City, the team that left.

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