Chapter Three | Thaksin Shinawatra

Words By: James Montague Produced By: Philippe Fenner
November 17, 2017

When Thaksin Shinawatra bought Manchester City in 2007, becoming the first Asian owner of a Premier League club, he made quite the entrance. The former Prime Minister of Thailand was brought on to the stage in Albert Square, where he belted out what can be charitably described as an under-rehearsed rendition of the city anthem Blue Moon, lyric sheet in hand.

But it was taken in good humour. From then on, he was known to the fans as “Frank”, a billionaire politician and telecoms magnate who promised to transform a club that had in recent years been in the shadow of Sir Alex Ferguson’s all conquering Manchester City side.

But as historic as the moment was, it wouldn’t quite end up that way. At least not straight away.

We chart Thaksin Shinawatra’s time at Manchester City, his role within the club, as well as his human rights offences and corruption claims when in government.

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