Chapter One | Stan Kroenke

Words By: James Montague Produced By: Philippe Fenner
November 17, 2017

Enos Stan Kroenke was not born in to great wealth.

The controlling shareholder of Arsenal FC was raised in a modest middle class family in the tiny village of Mora, Missouri. His father owned a lumber yard and Kroenke would sweep wood chip and help with the books after school before leaving to study business at the University of Missouri in Columbia, 80 miles north east.

He showed a flare for business, paying for college from the proceeds of a clothes shop he started. After graduating he moved into real estate and developing strip malls. He was already independently wealthy before taking a ski trip to Aspen that would change his life.

In this episode we look at the early life of Stan Kroenke, his marriage to a Walmart heiress and his interest in sports, peaking in his takeover at Arsenal.

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