Mo Sissoko

Host: Josh Schneider-Weiler Guest: Momo Sissoko
This Football Life
May 23, 2018

Today we are joined by Mohamed Sissoko, also known as Momo Sissoko. Sissoko has played for the biggest teams in the world: Valencia, Liverpool, Juventus and PSG. He’s won La Liga, the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup, the UEFA Supercup and Ligue 1. However, we mostly focus on his time at Valencia and Liverpool in this episode.

As most of you will know the Champions League final featuring Liverpool is this Saturday so we’ll be revisiting Sissoko’s experience in a Champions League final, which is also the last time Liverpool were in the final, in 2007 against AC Milan.

He’ll also talk about the eye injury that almost ended his career, how Rafa Benitez guided him through some difficult times, what it was like to be a Muslim player in Western Europe and why he chose to play for Mali over France.



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