Terms & Conditions

November 7, 2017
  1. By participating in the “uMAXit” predictor game (the “Competition”), you fully agree and accept the Competition’s Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) set out below.
  2. Players will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and agreed to be bound by them when entering this Competition. These Terms and Conditions will apply for the duration of the 2017/18 English Premier League Football season, commencing with the first set of fixtures on the 12th August 2017 and ceasing on the 13th May 2018.
  3. No purchase necessary.
  4. Entry to the Competition is available via the uMAXit Football iOS App, available for FREE download on the Apple App Store, via uMAXit Football’s self-hosted Android App and via the ‘game-play’ website on www.uMAXit.com.
  5. By registering with uMAXit Football and creating your ‘Profile’, you may, in the present or future, access different services that are offered by Ushauri Ltd without having to register for each service separately. If a service you wish to subscribe to has additional Terms and Conditions, you will be asked to accept these separately. You agree that:
    1. You will keep your username and password safe, and won’t share them with anyone.
    2. You will not pass yourself off as someone else or create multiple, false accounts or provide incorrect mobile numbers. Players are required to register in their own name and any player found to be registering in the name of any other person will be disqualified.If you breach these or any of our other Terms and Conditions Ushauri Ltd reserve the right to close your account, if we do so, we may close all accounts you have open in your name. To deactivate your account please contact our Support Team at: Support@uMAXit.com.You can update your personal details (including your account and communication preferences) in your ‘My Profile’ section, which can be found in the ‘More Options’ menu. Any changes made here will update your details across all services that you have subscribed for, be it in the present or future. Full details of the way in which we use cookies on our website and how we hold and process your information can be found in our Privacy Policy.
  6. Predict the match outcome (Home Win, Draw, Away Win) for each selected football (soccer) fixture/question for your entry to be submitted.
  7. Only entries containing the successfully completed and submitted predictions to the pre-selected football matches and a valid , completed, registration (“Qualifying Entries”) will be eligible to win the promoted prizes within any given week, month or season competition.
  8. Ushauri Ltd does not accept responsibility for any Competition entries that are lost, damaged, mislaid or delayed or for any technical failure. Proof of entry is not automatic proof of receipt.
  9. The winner will be defined as the registered user who successfully predicts the match outcome/result/scoreline of all pre-selected football matches for the given week. In circumstances where there is more than one winner the promoted prize will be shared evenly between all winning parties and/or winners will be selected (via a random draw) in instances where the number of winners exceed a limited prize offering.
  10. The winner will be notified both via their registered email address and personal app within 24-hours of the completion of the last match of the pre-selected football fixtures for the given competition week. Winners must complete their ‘You’re A Winner’ notification by submitting, only, their preferred method of payment, from the provided payment choices, so that payment execution can be completed (typically within 72-hours). In the event of a non-cash prize, winners will be required to provide both their email address and physical (postal) address for prize delivery.
  11. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner(s). If the winner(s) cannot be contacted, or are unable to comply with these Terms and Conditions, Ushauri Ltd reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant, or in the event that the promotion is being judged, Ushauri Ltd reserves the right to offer the prize to the runner(s)-up selected by the same judges.
  12. The prize will be issued directly to the winners by Ushauri Ltd when they (the Competition winner(s)) submit their preferred method of payment/reciept to the uMAXit Team via the uMAXit Football App/Website.
  13. Prize monies will only be paid into a personally registered Bank/E-Wallet account bearing the full-name of the registered player. Ushauri Ltd will not make payment via any third-parties bank account or E-Wallet. Ushauri Ltd reserve the right to request proof of account ownership.
  14. Non-cash prizes are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and not redeemable for cash or other prizes and cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers or discounts.
  15. The winner(s) is (are) responsible for expenses and arrangements not specifically included in the prizes, including any necessary travel documents, passports, visas and, in the case of monies, transfer fees, admin charges, bank levies and/or currency exchange rates.
  16. Ushauri Ltd reserves the right to substitute the prizes in whole (or any of its components), with substitute prizes of equal or greater value.
  17. The Competition is open to all entrants, aged 18 and/or over. Proof of identity and age, however, may be required in certain circumstances to validate and authenticate an entrants identity and/or age.
  18. Only residents of countries provided in the ‘Mobile Code’ drop-down (Registration Page) list are eligible to enter the uMAXit Football predictor competition.
  19. The Competition is not open to employees of Ushauri Ltd nor their immediate families (spouse, parent, child or sibling), affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies, advisors; or anyone else involved in the creation or administration of the Competition.
  20. Apple is NOT a sponsor of uMAXit Football, nor associated in any manner or form with any company, group or organization under the Ushauri Ltd umbrella. Apple is not responsible for conducting this competition or any associated promotion.
  21. Entries must be made personally. Entries made through agents/third parties are invalid. Entries made online using methods generated by a script, macro or the use of automated devices will be void. Only one entry per person is allowed. Only one Qualifying Entry per valid registration will be entered into the draw. Entries not complying with these Terms and Conditions will be invalid. Exception to this Term relates to players who are able to MAXIFY within a given competition week. In such a circumstance a maximum of two submissions are valid per registration.
  22. In instances where more than one (1) entry has been submitted by an individual user (with the exception in cases of MAXIFY’ing), either by design or mistake, Ushauri Ltd reserve the right to declare all said entries as being invalid. Receipt of entry (confirmation of prediction submission) is not confirmation of competition entry.
  23. If the promoter has reasonable grounds to believe that multiple accounts have been opened by one or under the control of the same person, all such accounts shall be closed and all entries by such player and/or accounts will be disqualified from participating in the competition or receiving any prizes.
  24. Any users altering their personal details (First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number) during an ‘in-play’ competition week may have their entry submission declared null-and-void if it is believed to be an attempt to defraud and circumvent competition rules and regulations. In such cases Ushauri Ltd reserves the right to request proof of ‘Mobile Registration’ and/or ‘Identity Documentation’.
  25. Ushauri Ltd will not be responsible for any inability of a Prize Winner to take up or claim the specified Prize.
  26. The Competition will open and will close according to the timeframes provided within the promoted weekly Competition. Entries received after the closing date/time will not qualify.
  27. Ushauri Ltd decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  28. uMAXit Football offers the opportunity for players to ‘MAXIFY’ their winnings in the course of a weekly competition. Players may do so by using accumulated (FREE) tokens by: Sharing your predictions on social media, sharing the uMAXit Football platform on social media, sharing uMAXit Football content, watching opt-in videos, submitting correct predictions, inviting friends/family to the uMAXit Football platform, participating in ad-hoc promotions and ‘Chairing’ Private Leagues. The ‘MAXIFY’ option is an additional benefit and is completely FREE.
  29. You agree that ‘Tokens’ are perishable – that is, once used, in the course of an individual competition week, the level of ‘Maxification’ (100 tokens) will be deleted from your overall token balance (this may require you to accumulate additional tokens over the following week(s) should you wish to ‘MAXIFY’ and your token number is beneath the minimum number of required tokens – 100).
  30. If we suspend or terminate your account in accordance with any of the afore-mentioned paragraphs of these Terms and Conditions you will lose any ‘Tokens’ that you may have and we will not compensate you for this loss.
  31. Ushauri Ltd is not responsible for any third party acts or omissions. Ushauri Ltd cannot guarantee that the event will be free from disruptions, failings or cancellations. Ushauri Ltd is not liable for such disruptions, failings or cancellations unless they are caused by Ushauri Ltd negligence.
  32. In the case that a match, within the pre-selected weekly fixture list, is abandoned, cancelled or regarded as incomplete and is not completed within 7-days of said abandonment or cancellation the entire competition, for said week, will be declared as null-and-void.
  33. Ushauri Ltd reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this Competition with or without prior notice due to reasons outside its control (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud).
  34. Ushauri Ltd may, in its reasonable discretion, disqualify any entrant whose conduct is contrary to the spirit or word of these Terms and Conditions.
  35. Ushauri Ltd reserves the right, in the event that a winnings cash sum equates to less than £5.00 (GBP) per winner to:
    1. Donate the full ‘prediction pot’ to Charity
    2. To select 50-Winners by random selection and divide the ‘prediction pot’ between them.
  36. In the case of a limited non-cash prize offering, all winners will be entered into s random draw, from which the designated number of winniners will be drawn.
  37. Ushauri Ltd is not responsible for the conduct of its registered members either online or offline. Please use caution and common sense when using the website(s) and/or app(s).
  38. Content on the website and/or app may include facts, views, opinions, advice and recommendations. These views, opinions, advice and recommendations are not endorsed by Ushauri Ltd and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Ushauri Ltd shall not be liable on account of the accuracy, defamatory nature, completeness, timeliness or otherwise of the information provided on the website and/or app.
  39. The website and /or app may contain errors and, from time to time, may not be accessible by users. The information provided on the website and/or app by Ushauri Ltd is intended as information only and does not constitute advice. Therefore, it must not be relied on to assist in making or refraining from making a decision, or to assist in deciding on a course of action.
  40. The website and/or app displays the dates, times, locations, teams and other information relevant to sports events on which the prediction game is based. Ushauri Ltd will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that this data is accurate, but shall not be liable to you for any inaccuracy of this data, and shall not provide any recourse for decisions taken by you on the basis of inaccurate data.
  41. You are solely responsible for any content that you publish or display on the website and/or app or that you transmit to other users.
  42. In the event that Ushauri Ltd, in its sole discretion, considers that any Content violates these Terms or is offensive or illegal or has the potential to violate the rights of, harm or threaten the safety of other users, Ushauri Ltd reserves the right to take any action that it deems necessary, including, but not limited to, disabling such Profile, deleting such Content, restricting your usage of communication features on the website and/or app or terminating your use of the website and/or app. Some examples of the types of Content that Ushauri Ltd considers violate these Terms are any Content that:
    1. Expresses or implies that any statements made by you are endorsed by Ushauri Ltd.
    2. Impersonates any person connected to this web site and/or app or any service provided on it or otherwise misrepresents your association with any such person.
    3. Promotes homophobia, racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual.
    4. Bullies, harasses or advocates harassment of another person.
    5. Displays pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind.
    6. Provides material that exploits people under the age of 18, or solicits personal information from any person under the age of 18.
    7. Promotes any conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous.
    8. Promotes any illegal activities.
    9. Promotes illegal or unauthorised copying of another person’s copyright work, including but not limited to providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacturer-installed copy protect devices, or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files.
    10. Provides instructional information about illegal activities, including but not limited to making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone else’s privacy or providing or creating computer viruses.
    11. Contains restricted or password only access pages, or hidden pages or images (those not linked to from another accessible page).
    12. Solicits passwords or personally identifying information from other Users for commercial or unlawful purposes.
    13. Involves the transmission of “junk mail”, “chain letters” or unsolicited mass mailing or “spamming”.
    14. Promotes information that you know to be false or misleading.
    15. Contains inappropriate Profile e.g. names or contact details.
    16. Engages in commercial activities including but not limited to sales, promotion or marketing of any kind, without the prior written consent of Ushauri Ltd.
  43. Users may set up a Private League and compete in a league with friends, family and colleagues and also for a self-created, independent, Private League prize which will be provided by or agreed upon and submitted by the Chairman of the said Private League.
    1. A Private League will be valid when a minimum of two (2) members (including the Chairman) are accepted.
    2. A maximum of 50 members may participate in a Private League so long as each members has successfully registered.
    3. A user may participate in an unlimited number of Private Leagues and after said user has been entered into any Private League, said user can be removed and entered into another Private League, if they are removed from the Private League by the Chairman or resign from a Private League.
    4. A user may be Chairman of a maximum of three (3) Private Leagues.
    5. To start your own Private League, you must first complete a registration process and then click on the ‘Done’ button.
    6. You will be asked to give your Private League a name. Ushauri Ltd reserve the right to refuse team names that are felt in their sole opinion to be inappropriate or offensive. Unsuitable names will be deleted and at Ushauri Ltd’s discretion the Chairman’s team (and other teams controlled by the Chairman) may; be deleted from the game; the Private League may appear under the Chairman’s name.
    7. Once set up, you will be the nominated Chairman of your Private League. Entry to the Private League can be circulated to friends, family and colleagues using the ‘Invite Members’ facility on the uMAXit website and/or app or via the ‘Join Code’ you created in the setup of your league.
    8. To join a Private League the invitee will need to register and then click on the ‘Accept’ button in their ‘My Leagues’ section or select the the option to ‘Join League’ and input the provided ‘Join Code’.
    9. Private League Chairman may reject and/or remove members from their Private League using the Remove Player button.
  44. To the extent permitted by law, Ushauri Ltd reserves the right to use the winner’s voice, image, photograph, name and likeness for publicity and in advertising, marketing or Competition material without additional compensation or prior notice to the winner and in entering the Competition, all entrants consent to the same.
  45. By entering the Competition entrants agree that their personal data submitted as part of the Competition entry process will be stored and processed on behalf of Ushauri Ltd as data controller in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Entrants agree that such data may be used to contact the winners of the Competition and for publicity purposes as stated above. A request to access, update or correct any information should be directed to Ushauri Ltd at the address set out below in paragraph 50.
  46. Details of the winner can be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the address set out below in paragraph 50 or by the looking at the ‘Past Winners’ section on the relevant website (www.uMAXit.com) and Smartphone apps.
  47. Ushauri Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of entering the Competition or accepting the prize. Ushauri Ltd further disclaims liability for any injury or damage to your or any other person’s computer or Smartphone relating to or resulting from participation in or downloading any materials in connection with the Competition.
  48. Nothing shall exclude the liability of Ushauri Ltd for death, personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation as a as a result of either party’s negligence.
  49. Ushauri Ltd shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something outside its reasonable control. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, supervening legislation or any other circumstances amounting to force majeure.
  50. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the law of the United Kingdom and the courts of the United Kingdom shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Promoter: Ushauri Ltd, 14 Rayleigh Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3RF.
  51. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without warning, so please review them regularly.
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