Ed Woodward

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A brief history of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Whatever struggles and whatever success he goes on to have as manager, he knows his name is written in Manchester…

4 months ago
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How Manchester United’s commercial diversification increased their market presence

Manchester United are not enjoying their most successful period on the pitch, but the club’s commercial appeal shows no sign…

5 months ago
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Why do Manchester United have so many commercial partners?

As an international business, Manchester United is very successful and is constantly broadening its influence and web of partnerships. But…

5 months ago
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Manchester United are skidding towards a critical philosophical juncture

Jose Mourinho's sacking and the need to replace him just provides a distraction from deeper questions which Manchester United must…

7 months ago
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Finance & Law | Why float a football club on the stock market

All businesses, including football clubs, need finance. Finance comes from two sources. Clubs can borrow from either banks, private institutions…

9 months ago
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Finances Explained | Manchester United finances 2017/18

Manchester United’s board’s refusal to accede to Mourinho’s summer transfer requests suggests that they don’t particularly care, or need to…

10 months ago
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Jose Mourinho and Ed Woodward must share the blame at Manchester United

Manchester United face Tottenham on Monday night. Lose and it shouldn't just be Jose Mourinho who falls under the spotlight.

11 months ago
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Paul Pogba's future potentially pits Jose Mourinho against Ed Woodward

Paul Pogba's chance to move to Barcelona might create a difficulties for Manchester United irrespective of whether he actually leaves.

12 months ago
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