Financial Fair Play

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Millwall and the Russian transfer coup

In essence, Millwall were an early, albeit less dramatic precursor to Leeds United: they didn’t just desire promotion to the…

3 weeks ago
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How Financial Fair Play was justified

In an open system of promotion and relegation, utility maximisation is the only way to survive. That being said, without…

1 month ago
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Manchester City and the 'Football Leaks' explained

Manchester City's success was all thanks to an unlimited supply of money – yes – but also to the prudence…

8 months ago
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Finance & Law | How the global financial crisis changed football

Since 2008, we have seen the creation of an elite band – a bulge bracket, to use financial market terminology…

8 months ago
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FFP breaches show the moral decay across football's entire spectrum

Der Spiegel's allegations are yet to be proven, but their substance suggests a sport completely out of control and out…

9 months ago
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Finance & Law | Manchester City's controversial Etihad deal

Etihad Airways, the national airline of Abu Dhabi, replaced Thomas Cook as shirt sponsor in 2009. This had an immediate…

10 months ago
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Finance & Law | QPR | Why Financial Fair-Play punishments don’t really work

For any clubs thinking of showing two fingers to the FFP rules, the EFL has shown as much backbone as…

11 months ago
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Finance & Law | How Much Is Your Club Worth | Part 2

With the release of the 2016/17 accounts, how much is your club worth?

1 year ago
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Manchester City’s love/hate relationship with UEFA’s golden goose

“It is one of the most beautiful competitions to play. Maybe not the most important, but the most beautiful.” So

2 years ago
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Finance & Law | Financial fair play & player amortisation

Ever wondered about the logistics behind footballing transfers?

3 years ago
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