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Is Manchester United's lack of success finally impacting their finances?

The lack of trophies in recent years is now perhaps catching up with the club as it no longer, shows…

1 week ago
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What if football stopped for a year?

Football’s gears need to keep grinding to fill the pockets of its stakeholders and sponsors, and the clubs themselves are…

2 months ago
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How Do You Value Manchester United's Brand?

The experts' take on whose got the biggest brand in club football.

2 months ago
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Breakaway: The origins of the Premier League

David Dein, Arsenal’s then deputy chairman, was a huge advocate of America’s razzmatazz sport industry and was frustrated by the…

4 months ago
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The history of the football transfer system explained

There is more of an ‘unwritten rule’ of respect between players and owners. Players willingly sign longer contracts so that…

5 months ago
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Finance & Law | How the global financial crisis changed football

Since 2008, we have seen the creation of an elite band – a bulge bracket, to use financial market terminology…

11 months ago
Tifo Football feature

Twenty-five years later: The cost of the Premier League dream for the disenfranchised many

John Brewin reflects on the fate of those clubs who departed the Premier League long ago and who are now…

1 year ago
Tifo Football feature

The proposed increase in televised games is another nail in football’s coffin

The proliferation of televised football is a further threat to the game, argues Stephen Tudor.

2 years ago
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