Written by Seb Stafford-Bloor Produced by Tifo Studios

Macarena Sanchez is a 27 year-old forward who, since 2012, has been playing for UAI Urquiza in the Campeonato de Fútbol Femenino , the highest level of women’s football in Argentina.

In January 2019, Macarena Sanchez found out just how precarious her own professional career was: Urquiza announced that she was no longer required as a footballer and, with signings of new players only allowed in the close season, she found herself without another club and unable to play football until at least the middle of 2019.

Macarena Sanchez is suing UAI Urquiza for compensation for her seven years of sporting service. She has little interest in finance and is instead using the case to take aim at a societal culture which is, in her words, “retrograde, misogynistic and macho”.

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