Written by Ben Gilbert Produced by Tifo Studios

The announcement of an international football team’s new kit sponsor is rarely a newsworthy affair, rather a humdrum exercise in marketing rhetoric and brand spiel.

Ostensibly, at least, that seemed to be the case in July, 2018, when Puma revealed plans to manufacture the official livery of the Israel Football Association (IFA).

Replacing a contract previously managed by Adidas, Zvika Schwimmer, CEO of Delta, who oversee the sportswear brand’s licence in Israel, spoke enthusiastically about their ambitions for the kit.

But the announcement was actually loaded with drama in the way it fed the enduring division that exists between Israel and Palestine, as has been proved in the ensuing months.

Because the sportswear brand are currently at the centre of a global #BoycottPuma movement, standing accused of “sportwashing” the alleged human rights abuses of the nation they sponsor.

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