Words By: Kieran Maguire Produced By: Tifo Studios

Having relocated to the London Stadium in 2016, West Ham supporters had high hopes of bridging the gap between the themselves and the self-styled ‘Big 6’. These hopes have thus far failed to materialise. A poor start to the 2016/17 season was followed by problems with the new stadium in terms of logistics, stewarding and atmosphere. And a spat with the council resulted in the capacity being capped at 57,000.

In terms of finances, the boost from moving to the more modern stadium seems to have been a mirage in some ways, and the fans are unhappy. Losing their home is one thing, losing it with no financial benefits in terms of competing in the player market is another.

This video was adapted from a piece that was written by Kieran Maguire for his website, which you can access here.


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