Written by James Montague Produced by Tifo Studios

Here’s a question for you: What is the greatest ever underdog achievement in the history of football? There are a few contenders. West Germany winning the 1954 World Cup, despite having an amateur league and just nine years after the destruction of World War 2?

How about Iceland, with a population the size of Coventry, beating England to reach the quarter finals of the 2016 European Championship, and later becoming the smallest nation to ever reach a World Cup finals?

Or perhaps you have a soft spot for Leicester City becoming Premier League champions, something that has become all the more poignant since the death last year of the club’s Thai owner in a helicopter crash outside the ground.

These all have their merits, but there is one achievement that stands above all of them. The Iraq national team winning the 2007 Asian Cup. Their story had everything. Players in exile. A country destroyed by war, death threats, an enigmatic coach drafted in at the last minute and a talismanic striker whose goal brought a fractured nation briefly back to together.

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