Written by James Montague Produced by Tifo Studios

When we look back at the images that defined 2018, there’s plenty to choose from. But there was one, so breathtaking in its audacity, that it rightfully went viral.

Back in March, in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, a top of the table Superleague clash was about to end 0-0 between the home side PAOK and AEK, from Athens. But, when the referee denied PAOK an 89th minute winner, the pitch was invaded by incredulous PAOK staff, and in the middle was the owner Ivan Savvidis. Wearing a gun.

Not many people outside of Greece knew who Savvidis was. But here he was, with a gun on his hip, trying to remonstrate with the referee. The game was abandoned and the images went around the world.

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