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This could really have been at least two videos – last season, Arsenal’s system never seemed settled. Looking at the Premier League, Unai Emery’s side played a back three-based in 13 games, winning 64% of their available points; they used a back four in the remaining games, winning 60% of available points. Of course, within both those variants there are different systems – the most successful was a form of 4-3-1-2 or midfield diamond, winning 73% of points, but this was only used three times.

However, Unai Emery’s preferred system at the beginning of his Arsenal tenure was the 4-2-3-1 – it’s the system he used most overall and was also his preference at Sevilla – so that is the system we will be basing this video on. We’ve looked for players under 27 who have racked up more than 800 minutes, so that there’s a reasonable data set and each player is either entering their peak or is still a prospect.

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