Written by Magnus Henderson Produced by Tifo Studios

There are few things more honoured in British football than the sport’s oldest knock out competition. In 2016, Arsene Wenger defiantly stated: “The FA Cup is something special. You cannot imagine how big it is abroad. In England, you cannot be a big club and say we don’t care about the FA Cup.” For the 2017/18 season, from the money-hoarding giants of the Premier League to the almost-Sunday- league-quality minnows, 737 clubs entered the ultimate last-man-standing contest. It is a competition of heritage and tradition, adored by most and anticipated by all.

Although, the FA Cup is no longer revered like it once was, despite the ex-Arsenal manager’s kind words. Contrary to many fans’ beliefs, it was not the BBC’s over- usage of the phrase ‘magic of the Cup’ which actually killed the magic, but something much simpler.

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