Written by Nick Harris Produced by Tifo Studios

A small piece of sporting history was made on 3 December 2019 when Premier League games were shown in the UK exclusively live on a legal digital stream for the first time. 

Amazon have paid around £90m to show 20 games each season for three years on Prime Video.

Amazon kept things simple, and familiar, deploying dozens of well-known and dependable anchors, pundits and commentators for their opening set of matches.

Inevitably there were hiccups, with some viewers reporting intermittent feeds and ‘lagging’ issues, but it was largely smooth, and when Amazon later announced record sign-ups and millions of viewers, hugely significant. 

The future of football broadcasting is digital. Of that there is little doubt. The main questions are:

How rapid will the transformation be?

Who will be the biggest winners – will tech firms becoming major rights holders?  

If the Premier League launch an over-the-top (OTT) service, streaming direct to fans and keeping all the revenues, can they cut out traditional broadcasters? 

Or will the paying customer be the main beneficiary?  

Perhaps, one day, it will be all three.

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