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Alex handles strategy and new business development for Tifo, as well as writing the scripts for many of our tactical videos on YouTube.

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Tifo Football

Manchester United beware: Tuchel's Paris Saint-Germain are more than just glitter

PSG’s huge wealth & stellar attacking line-up see them painted as a team of big names, but Thomas Tuchel's side…

1 week ago
Tifo Football

Why Arsenal's decision to allow Aaron Ramsey to leave is an error

Alex Stewart explores the rationale behind Aaron Ramsey's departure from Arsenal and explains why it will likely prove a mistake.

2 weeks ago
Tifo Football

Sergio Busquets and Andrea Pirlo each defined different interpretations of the deep-midfield role

Two exceptional players, two different interepretations of the same position; Alex Stewart explores the functional and stylistic differences between Andrea…

1 month ago
Tifo Football

Ajax begin to rise again under Erik ten Hag

Ajax emerged unbeaten from their Champions League group, having earned two impressive draws against Bayern Munich; here, we examine their…

2 months ago
Tifo Football

Would Leo Messi be successful at Manchester City?

We will surely never know, but - hypothetically - how would Manchester City accommodate Leo Messi's extraordinary range of abilities?

2 months ago
Tifo Football

What are Manchester United's post-Mourinho options?

Alex Stewart explores the options available to Manchester United should they choose to part with Jose Mourinho.

4 months ago
Tifo Football

Flexible and highly creative; Wayne Rooney's tactical role at DC United

Alex Stewart examines how Wayne Rooney has been used at DC United since moving to MLS.

5 months ago
Tifo Football

World Cup Tactics: Gonçalo Guedes, Portugal and Valencia (Paris Saint-Germain)

Tactics Explained casts its eye over Gonçalo Guedes's impact at Valencia last season and his theoretical influence on Portugal's World…

8 months ago
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